What is happening to me?

A chronic illness is a medical condition that lasts longer than one year and does not have a cure. The illness can last for the duration of the person’s life, sometimes being the cause of death. Most people with a condition can find themselves having a combination of physical and mental health concerns. The physical issues can often lead to the development of disabilities, making it difficult to participate in activities that would appear “the norm” (i.e., riding a bike, going for a walk, eating out with friends). It is also common for someone with a chronic illness to be recommended to make sudden or eventual changes in their lifestyles to maintain or improve their quality of life (i.e., change of diet, medications, frequent doctor appointments).

Why do I feel so emotional?

The physical and lifestyle changes that typically occur with a chronic illness may be followed by a wave of emotions, including shock, sadness and anger. The person may find themselves grieving the sense of self that they knew before the diagnosis. One day you may feel energetic and motivated, able to complete daily tasks… While the next day, you may feel sick, be in pain, or even need help from family members to complete tasks. Another tough reality for many is that they could potentially die as a result of their chronic illness, which brings on feelings of doom and worry.

How can therapy help me with my chronic illness?

Managing your stress can aid in maintaining your physical health – even with a chronic illness! Therapy can help you feel more control over the strong feelings that can come with your physical health and lifestyle changes. You can talk through your thoughts without judgement or feeling misunderstood, while also finding a sense of hope.

Online Mental Health Treatment for Chronic Illness and Pain

All Adorned with Life, LLC appointments are offered for anyone in the state of Maryland. Services will be conducted through use of a secure online portal. The experience will be the same as in-person meetings, but you will be in the comfort of your own personal space.

How can I schedule an appointment with you?

If you are having problems with constant worries, dread or pain relating to your own chronic illness, I would love to meet with you to start your journey. An initial appointment can be scheduled by selecting “Book My Free Consultation” below. Once completed, you will receive a confirmation message detailing next steps.

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